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(Yahoo!) - "Disturbia" singer Rihanna has plenty to be disturbed about. A man was recently caught walking on the roof of her house, according to TMZ, and his name isn't Chris Brown.

In an effort to protect RiRi from the potential threat, the singer's lawyers went to court and filed a temporary restraining order. Now the man, named Robert Melanson, is ordered to stay 100 yards away from Rihanna, her house or her place of business, so we suppose he won't be going to any RiRi gigs any time soon.

Melanson was found up on Rihanna's roof with a map of her property on June 17. Once in custody, he was put on a psychiatric hold, but released two day later. According to the legal papers filed by RiRi's attorneys, Melanson has a criminal history and is unstable. Her lawyers will try to make the restraining order permanent on July 10, but restraining orders only work if the authorities catch the offending person violating the order before they do harm to their intended target.

Rihanna's been on tour in Europe for the last few weeks, so she's safe from Melanson for now. Maybe when she returns home — after wrapping her July 28 date in Helsinki, Finland — she can hire her old friend Breezy to protect her. According to Rihanna and Frank Ocean, he knows how to throw down.


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