Health Department Discusses Vaccine Pause, Confirms Break-Through Death

From Tuesday's Dept of Health press conference on the J&J vaccine pause:
State Epidemiologist Dr Paul Byers:  almost 42,000 doses of J&J vaccine have been administered in MS; 40,000 doses in the state yet to be administered. Won't go to waste unless pause is lengthy; MSDH working with J&J providers (clinics, hospitals, etc) to continue vaccinations with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines; too early to know what impact this will have on vaccine hesitancy in MS;  no interruptions in state drive-through vaccinations which use other vaccines; none of the six reported cases which prompted J&J pause were in MS.
State Health Officer Dr Thomas Dobbs: Keep risk in context-- J&J risk one in a million/ one in ten over 65 with COVID dies;  Pfizer and Moderna have excellent safety profiles; some logistical issues in switching from one-dose to two-dose vaccinations.
Also today:  Byers announced that MS has seen fewer than 80 break-through coronavirus cases in people who were fully vaccinated. There's been one death among those people.  Dobbs: Knew we'd see some break-through cases because vaccine is not 100% effective.