CALIFORNIA CHAOS: West Coast Mayor WILLING TO FACE PRISON in Defense of 'Sanctuary City'

The Mayor of Oakland, California made national headlines this week when she threatened to “go to jail” in defense of her city’s “sanctuary” status for illegal aliens; raising serious questions over the level of immigration “lawlessness” sweeping the nation.

“This whole state sanctuary policy is a form of lawlessness and it’s just not right. It’s undermining federal prerogatives and the Congressional ability to write the law. It also shows they can step-up enforcement,” said Buck Sexton.

“I wonder if we’re going to get to a place here where we have some local officials who go beyond just the rhetorical back-and-forth over sanctuary status. Who actually obstruct the federal government’s ability to enforce immigration law,” he added.

“Is there just going to be no enforcement of immigration law? All these people who like to grandstand on how much we need to do for DREAMers and illegal aliens; they should be forced to answer the question: ‘Who doesn’t get to stay?’” asked Buck.

“I just wonder, will they go to a level of obstructing? Will they nullify federal immigration law?” he added.

Listen to ‘The Buck Sexton Show’ above.


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