Morning Update 2-1-17:


It's only a coincidence that the National Guard is hosting a disaster exercise at Camp Shelby this week--  not far from the path of last month's deadly tornado.  The Guard says the exercise called Patriot South 2017 has been planned for over a year. But the recent disaster makes it even more timely.  


Almost without fail, the victims of various scams in MS are told to send money to the con men via a wire transfer or a money card.  Consumer protection officials say the crooks prefer those methods because they're just like cash-- making it impossible for victims to get their money back.  And that's why this week's announcement that Western Union is taking greater responsibility for  fraudulent wire transfers could put a dent in the problem.  The attorney general's office says the company will put warnings on the forms people use to wire money and employees will be trained to watch for potential scams.


NWS says there's little chance of any wintry precipitation in MS tomorrow night even though some of the northern counties may get some moisture moving in as temperatures plummet.   With a cold front moving in, highs tomorrow could vary by 30 degrees from the Delta (40s) to the Pine Belt (70s).