Turpins Plead Not Guilty To Torture, Abuse Charges

The parents of 13 siblings found chained in a California home are pleading not guilty to abuse charges.  

Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin is releasing more horrific details about the abuse. 

"They would buy food, including pies—apple pies, pumpkin pies—leave it on the counter, let the children look at it, but not eat the food," Hestrin said.

David and Louise Turpin yesterday denied 75 felonies, including torture, child abuse and false imprisonment.  

"The only thing the children were allowed to do in their rooms or [while] chained up was to write in journals," Hestrin continued. "Those journals are going to be strong evidence of what occurred in that home."

The charges stem from the alleged abuse of the Turpin's children.  

They're due back in court on February 23rd. 

Photo: Getty Images


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