PHOTOS: Tomatoes Start To Grow In Large Pothole

CLOSE UP: Tropical sun shines on large pothole in the middle of decaying road.

Photo: Getty Images

Tomato plants have started to grow in a pothole on a street in Jackson, Mississippi. The pothole appears to be caused by construction work and is cordoned off by several large orange barrels. It is unclear how long drivers have been dealing with the large hole in the street.

Local officials said that repairing the pothole isn't simple because it is near a storm drain and sewer that both need to be fixed.

"Unfortunately, it is a little more complicated than just a pothole," city spokesperson Michelle Atoa told WAPT. "There is both a sanitary sewer issue and a storm drain issue at that location, and both need to be repaired. Public works is working to get the necessary repairs scheduled. We do not have a timeline yet."

Christopher Fields shared photos of the pothole garden on Facebook.

"🚨Fresh Tomatoes 🍅 growing out of a massive Jackson Pothole off of Tyrone Dr. Shop with your local POTHOLES for produce 🍅😂," he wrote.

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