Colin Cowherd Ranks His Top 7 Dream Super Bowl Matchups For This Season

Green Bay Packers v New England Patriots

Green Bay Packers v New England Patriots

The Top Seven Dream Super Bowl Scenarios that Colin Cowherd Would Most Love to See (Full Video Segment at Bottom of Page)

7. Patriots vs. Saints: BRADY vs. BREES – “First and second in career passing yards, second and third in career passing touchdowns, and I get Sean Payton the offensive genius vs. Bill Belichick the defensive genius. These are the last elder statesmen in the NFL and they’re going to end their careers holding every quarterback record in the books.”

6. Patriots vs. Cowboys: AMERICA’S TEAM vs. THE GOAT – “Folks, can you imagine the television ratings you’d get for this game?? If Jason Garrett wins this game he will be the Dallas Cowboys coach for a decade. They play this weekend.”

5. Patriots vs. Seahawks: SUPER BOWL 49 REMATCH – “Do you know this Super Bowl was the most watched television broadcast of all time and it STILL stands? My two favorite quarterbacks of all time and a rematch of the Malcolm Butler interception game. That was arguably the greatest Super Bowl of all time.”

4. Chiefs vs. Packers: MOST TALENTED QUARTERBACKS OF THE ERA – “You’d have the two most talented quarterbacks in the league, and a rookie head coach versus probably the most well-liked coach in the NFL without a Super Bowl, Andy Reid. You’ve got the Patrick Mahomes ‘He’s gonna win a Super Bowl but is it this year?’ factor and the Aaron Rodgers ‘He’s too good to only have one Super Bowl’ factor. This would be special.”

3. Patriots vs. Packers: BATTLE OF THE GOATS – “We just don’t have enough Brady vs. Rodgers games and they have only played TWICE and split. We got robbed of this matchup in 2014 (Seahawks) and 2016 (Falcons). This one feels like the Mike Tyson vs. George Foreman fight that we never got. I NEED a Rodgers vs. Brady Super Bowl.”

2. Patriots vs. 49ers: GAROPPOLO WANTS REVENGE – “Jimmy Garoppolo versus his old team, Tom Brady versus his favorite team from childhood, Richard Sherman vs. Brady’s ‘Are you good, bro?’, and Shanahan the offensive genius vs. Belichick the offensive genius. Pretty tasty.”

1. Ravens vs. Cowboys: THE FUTURE OF NFL QUARTERBACKS – “Maybe the most mobile quarterback ever Lamar Jackson vs. the dual-threat modern standard Dak Prescott. If John Harbaugh wins his second Super Bowl you gotta start putting him in that class of Top 5 of all time. This would be totally new and totally fresh. It would be polarizing because a lot of people don’t like Dak or Lamar. It might signal a new NFL.”