Impeachment or Inquisition? Three questions regarding Democrat HYPOCRISY...


< br />Glenn has three questions for the Democrats regarding their impeachment hearing against President Trump, and all three exemplify absurd levels of hypocrisy. First, Democrats claim President Trump was targeting his political opponent, Joe Biden, by asking Ukraine for an investigation which they say is impeachable. But aren't Democrats then committing impeachable offenses themselves by investigating Donald Trump, their political opponent? Second, Democrats say Trump overtly supported Russia by withholding military support for Ukraine. But President Trump already had given Ukraine military support, and it was the Obama administration who refused aid when Ukraine was in the middle of an actual conflict with Russia! Third, Democrats say asking Ukraine to invest Joe Biden would threaten American politicians' bipartisan support of then wouldn't it be the same for Democrats investigating Trump who was working to invest corruption in Ukraine? Can ANYBODY answer these questions?!

This article originally appeared on Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

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